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The Foxfire browser is faster and spyware safe!

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Are you tired of all the spyware problems in Internet Explorer! We are too! And the Foxfire browser is the perfect solution. There are simply too many hackers out there attacking IE right now. It's safe to say that virtually every computer using Internet Explorer right now has at least one form of spyware on it. Countless more have literally dozens of different instances of spyware and malware.

Is your computer "slow" on the Internet? It's not your computer! It's the browser you are using! My organization has about 400 PC's which I am responsible for maintaining. Since we aren't able to lock these machines down for various reasons, spyware and malware are a constant problem. We've found the FoxFire Browser is the easiest way to fix most problems. When a user complains about slowness while on the Internet, installing the FoxFire Browser is the quickest way to get the computer back up to speed.

The FoxFire Browser is not susceptible to most of the spyware and malware which is rampant now days on the Internet. It is nearly impossible to avoid these malware files no matter how careful you are. If you are using Internet Explorer instead of the FoxFire Browser, you will have problems. The reason is that most of the spyware out there has been written with the specific intentions of exploiting Internet Explorer.

I have "fixed" so many computer problems simply by installing the FoxFire Browser! Before you hire a computer technician to repair your computer, try the free FoxFire Browser first. I would say there is about a 90% chance all of your issues being solved! Even users who have updated virus software on their computers are still vulnerable. Most virus software do not offer protection to the malware and spyware on the Internet. Yes, you may use third party utilities to remove it from Internet Explorer, but it's so much easier to simply install the FoxFire Browser! It's fast and easy and completely safe for your computer. And the best part is that after installing the FoxFire Browser, you will not have to worry and be so careful about sites you visit in the future. This new browser makes browsing the Internet far safer!

Besides the fact that the FoxFire Browser is faster and safer, it now comes with a new tool which adds more functionality to your surfing experience. It is the Google ToolBar. Below we have listed just some of the enhancements you will enjoy with the new ToolBar.

  • Free Upgrades Forever
  • Spyware Problems are Past
  • Easy Install
  • Very Customizable
  • Google Tool Bar FREE
  • Safe and Secure Browsing
  • Simpler Interface
  • Faster Than IE! Home

While installing the FoxFire Browser you will be able to select the Google ToolBar for install. For serious browsing, the ToolBar is a must! My favorite part is the Page Rank gauge. It is helpful when deciding how relevant the specific page is you are viewing. It's a very cool feature when surfing the web.

The other feature the toolbar in the FoxFire Browser I really like is the popup blocker. It's a "smart" blocker. In other words, a user can train the blocker to allow popups on certain sites. I have a weather site I like to visit which uses popups I need to see. Instead of having to push a hotkey each time, I simply tell the toolbar to allow popups the next time I am on that site. From that time on, the toolbar will allow the popup without my extra input.


FoxFire Browser is FREE and EASY to use, SAFE, and VERY SECURE!

Below you will find more useful features the Google ToolBar can do for you when installed in the FoxFire Browser:

Auto-Spell Check For Filled Out Forms

Auto-Fill Forms with Your Information

Translate Any English Word Into Foreign Languages

Faster and Easier with a Direct Search Function

You'll enjoy the added stability and security of the FoxFire Browser !

Spyware and Malware problems will be a thing of the past! No more "slow" Internet speeds due to those malicious Internet files.

The Mozilla FoxFire Browser installs easily and quickly!

There are so many great reasons for installing the FoxFire Browser. The install is easy and fast. It makes perfect sense to rid yourself of all the problems that Internet Explorer adds to your life. Don't worry about slow or stalled Internet surfing any more! For more info about the Mozilla FoxFire Browser, read these other pages: , Fire Fox Download .


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