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Tired of Slow Speeds and Spyware Problems?

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Why are so many people looking for an alternative to Microsoft's browser? I work for an organization which has about 400 computers I am responsible for. For various reasons, we really aren't able to lock them down like they need to be. Therefore, I am constantly having to deal with Internet Explorer's issues. Our organization has found that the Mozilla Fox Fire browser is the best alternative.

The FoxFire Browser is simply is not vulnerable to all the malware and spyware threats on the Internet. Even if you have up to date virus software on your computer, you aren't immune to spyware threats which can slow your browser down. Mozilla Fox Fire is all but free of spyware vulnerabilities! I can't tell you how many times I have sat down at a user's computer which was VERY slow surfing the Internet. I simply perform a very quick install of Mozilla Fox Fire and all is well. And best of all, the user can continue browsing the web just like always without the fear of picking up the same malware and spyware issues which all but shut down Internet Explorer. Mozilla Fox Fire has been a true life-saver to our organization. In my opinion this is by far the best browser there is.

Not only is the download fast and easy, it's completely FREE! And any future upgrades will always be completely free. When installing the Mozilla Fox Fire browser, be sure to select the Google ToolBar option. It adds much more functionality to the browsing experience.

Here are just some of the things that are so great about performing a Fire Fox download:

  • Free Download and Upgrades
  • No More Spyware Problems
  • The Install is Easy
  • Easy to Customize
  • Free Google ToolBar Included
  • Secure and Safe Browsing
  • Easier Web Surfing
  • Faster Than Internet Explorer

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During the Mozilla Fox Fire install, you will be able to select the Google ToolBar install. It is a must-have for serious Internet browsing. Personally, I love the Page Rank indicator. I use it often to help me know how relevant a page I am viewing is. It really is a cool feature while browsing the web.

Another great feature of the Google ToolBar is the popup stopper a user can "train". That's right, you can set the Google Popup blocker to always allow popups on sites where you want or need them to be allowed. For example, one site I visit often has popup help windows I use a lot. I simply tell tell the Google ToolBar to allow those popups. Nothing could be easier!


The Mozilla Fox Fire Browser is FREE, SAFE, and SECURE!

Here are just a few of the other enhancements the Google Toolbar will add to your browsing experience when installed with the Mozilla Fox Fire Browser:

Auto-Spell Checking For Forms

Auto-Fill Forms Feature

English Words Can Instantly be Translated Into Foreign Languages

Search the Web Easier and Faster With the Google Search Link

Enjoy the Mozilla Fox Fire Browser for increased security and stability!

Spyware and Malware will be all but banned from infecting your computer! You'll be amazed at how stable your browsing experience will be.

The Mozilla Fox Fire Browser installs in just minutes!

The install is fast and easy. It just makes sense to replace Internet Explorer with all of its problems and vulnerabilities. The Mozilla Fox Fire browser is a compact and efficient browser which simply has no issues like IE which can lead to security and performance problems. For more information read our other pages: , Fire Fox Download .

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